Vegalene® Seasoning Sprays

Operators can enhance their menu offerings with incredible Vegalene Seasoning Sprays. Each one makes it easy to add a flavorful and enticing twist to any dish without adding calories, trans-fat, cholesterol or gluten. And of course they provide the same quality, performance and value you expect from Vegalene.

Add Buttery Flavor with One Simple Spray Enhance your menu creations with the buttery flavor of Vegalene® Buttery Delite® Seasoning Spray. No more melting or brushing─reduce [...]

Healthy Olive Oil Flavor. One Efficient Spray. Bring Mediterranean flair to your menu with Vegalene® Olive Mist® Seasoning Spray. One quick spray streamlines your prep process [...]

Premium Olive Oil Flavor. One Simple Spray. Add the fruity, nutty flavor of extra-virgin olive oil to your menu creations in one single step with Vegalene® Premium Olive Mist® [...]

Robust Garlic Flavor. One Quick Spray. Add some authentic buttery-garlic goodness with Vegalene® Zesty Garlic Mist® Seasoning Spray and create dishes your patrons will crave while [...]