Your Partner for Solving Sticking Challenges

Vegalene was built on solving the toughest food processing challenges and that tradition continues almost 70 years later. Our spray release and pan oil solutions are formulated to meet the unique production challenges that our customers face every day while addressing the changing trends of consumer demand. We understand the day-to-day issues faced by the industries we serve and have crafted solutions to help.

An Industry Leader in Food Release Oils

Our spray releases and pan oils are available in a wide range of applications needed to help improve yield, reduce waste and enhance efficiency. They are designed specifically to address performance issues concerning processing surfaces and production conditions while ensuring your end product’s quality in both flavor and appearance.

Committed to Service, Quality and Value

Vegalene is constantly monitoring the upcoming trends and shifts in the food processing industry to develop the innovative products that will help you remain ahead of the curve. Our latest focus on clean label and organic formulations makes sure you can meet label claims.

With our array of spray release and pan oil solutions we can meet most any customer’s needs, but if you have a specific request, we want to partner with you to create a custom solution that meets your exact requirements.

When producing all of our products, whether to improve processing, meet clean label claims or a custom solution, food safety and production requirements are our top concern. Our manufacturing facility has

  • SQF Level II Certification
  • Food Defense in place
  • HACCP plan in place
  • Adherence to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Certified Kosher Pareve

Partnering with Vegalene for your industrial food processing needs provides you with an experienced and efficient production team, exceptional customer service, an expert research and development team and a commitment to improvement of our products, process and facility.

What food processing challenge can we partner with you to solve?

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Tell us about your particular operation and processing issue and let’s discuss how we can help.