Saragosa® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

High Quality Olive Oil Packaged For Foodservice Convenience

Saragosa® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil combines world-class quality with unmatched convenience. Now you can serve a premium, first-press olive oil that will do your menu proud, and put an end to the prep and safety concerns of traditional bottled oils. Its unique and practical 10-liter Bag-in-Box package enhances kitchen operation and makes storing and serving easy.

Traditional bottled oils are messy and result in spills, waste, risk of contamination and time-consuming cleanups. Saragosa’s® built-in, push-pull spigot dispenses the exact amount of oil needed every time, for consistent portioning. While the unique bag design reduces waste by ensuring 100% oil drainage, maximizing your profitability. Saragosa® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in lightweight boxes that are easy to grip, stack and store so staff doesn’t have to mess with slippery tins, hard-to-handle plastic containers or messy bottled oils, increasing safety and keeping the serving area neat and sanitary.

Saragosa® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for dipping with breads; marinating; frying or sautéing meats, fish and vegetables; separating pasta; or as a salad or pizza dough ingredient. It has no trans fat and is Kosher Pareve.

Saragosa® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Provides Premium Quality and Superior Convenience.

Olive Oil

  • Case Qty
    • 1/10 liter (2.6 gallon) box
  • $144.92