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Par-Way Tryson recently launched two new release oils. These release agents aid in freeing processed meat products from molds, as well as assisting with the removal of netting from hams and other netted meats.... more


Par-Way Tryson, the manufacturer of Vegalene® Food Release sprays, recently announced promotions and role expansions in the sales and marketing divisions.... more

Par-Way Tryson, maker of Vegalene®, the #1 branded release spray in foodservice, recently announced an addition to their flagship line of food release products: Vegalene Seasoning Sprays, which deliver premium-quality flavor with convenient.... more

There is a new can in town – and it is grabbing the attention of operators across the foodservice industry. Par-Way Tryson, maker of Vegalene® the #1 branded release spray in foodservice, recently unveiled a modernized package design for its expanded line.... more

Par-Way Tryson, makers of the #1 branded release spray in foodservice, has unveiled a new Allergen Free Food Release Spray under its flagship Vegalene® brand to help foodservice professionals better serve the growing number of patrons affected by food allergies.... more