Jul 23, 2012

New Vegalene® Allergen Free Food Release Spray Addresses Growing Food Allergy Concerns

Par-Way Tryson, makers of the #1 branded release spray in foodservice, has unveiled a new Allergen Free Food Release Spray under its flagship Vegalene® brand to help foodservice professionals better serve the growing number of patrons affected by food allergies.

At least 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies and millions more have special dietary concerns, according to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. The prevalence of common food allergens, such as soy and gluten, is affecting menu development and food preparation in foodservice operations everywhere. School environments are particularly impacted, due to the growing incidence of food allergies in children. With Vegalene® Allergen Free Food Release Spray – which is soy lecithin- and gluten-free – foodservice professionals can better meet the special requirements of the audiences they serve while also enjoying the no-stick Vegalene® performance they trust.

“We are committed to staying ahead of market trends to ensure our customers have the products they need to be successful,” said Par-Way Tryson Marketing Manager Ginny Bales. “We recognized the impact food allergens are having on the foodservice industry, and it only made sense to apply our food release expertise to developing a product that helps address these issues.”

Available in a convenient 16.5-oz aerosol can, Vegalene® Allergen Free Food Release Spray allows foods to release cleanly from pans and prevents sticking – especially in high-heat cooking applications. Like all Vegalene® food release products, it can help operators produce more servable portions, avoid costly food waste and reduce the buildup on pans that requires excessive cleaning.

For more details, organizations can contact Par-Way Tryson by calling 800-642-0088, visiting www.parway.com or emailing info@parway.com.