Jul 15, 2012

Par-Way Tryson Debuts New Meat Release Oils

Par-Way Tryson recently launched two new release oils. These release agents aid in freeing processed meat products from molds, as well as assisting with the removal of netting from hams and other netted meats.

Par-Way Tryson Meat Release Oil acts as a release agent and prevents sticking for meat processing molds. This lecithin-free food release oil helps increase yield and reduces coring, allowing meats to be removed from molds and casings with ease.

The allergen free Netting Release Oil is specially formulated for superior release with all types of netting. The difference in the quality of the end product is apparent with less damage to meats, better presentation and higher yields. From pork roasts to hams, netting keeps the meat in form, but removal of the netting can prove troublesome. Resulting in an esthetically appealing end product, Par-Way Tryson Netting Release Oil leaves the outside layer in-tact with no tearing of the net meat.

“Neither of these allergen free release oils will affect the flavor of the meat being processed,” said Ginny Bales, Par-Way Tryson’s Director of Marketing. “This will allow the intended flavor to shine.”

Manufacturers have depended on Par-Way Tryson for more than 60 years to develop, produce and distribute the finest food release products for customers across the food industry around the world.

For more details, organizations can contact Par-Way Tryson by calling 1-800-642-0088, visiting www.parway.com or emailing info@parway.com.